Monthly Meeting  

Thrusday,October 6,2016 

 Columbus Park Refectory

5700 W. Jackson BLVD.

WMC Programs, Services and Activites:

  • Monthly Networking Meetings
  • Political Forums and Workforce Developement
  • Faith Based Initiatives Consortium & Church Resources
  • CAPS Program & Advocacy Support
  • Human Services and Referral Sources
  • Community Outreach Services & Housing Counseling
  • Educational Programming Support
  • Youth and Adult Educational Workshops
  • Ex-Offenders Resource Referrals
  • Disaster Preparedness Training
  • Scholarships & Interships and Grant Opportunities
  • Bi-Monthly Newsletter and New Marketing Opportunities
  • Community Liaison Support and much,much more!!

                        Contact: Dr.Phalese Binion, President 

                     Office: 501 N. Central Ave. Chicago, IL 60644  773-895-9420

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