I’ve purposely avoided writing about the upcoming election, especially when it comes to the presidential candidates. Having to pick between Satan and the Devil is one decision that each of you will have to make come Election Day. The ballot this year is long, due to the judges looking to be retained.

Thankfully, this year Maze Jackson, a political operative, Facebook friend, and commentator on WVON 1690 am, went through the list of judges and candidates. He created a guide of those who have the best interest of the black community in their actions.

It is interesting that in the race for U.S. Senator, he also says that we need to determine which of those two uninterested-in-the-black-community candidates should get our vote. 

For Illinois Controller, he chose the republican candidate Leslie Munger over Susana Mendoza, and I agree with that choice.

Some other notable choices who deserve your vote: 

Punch: 51 for Barbara McGowan; 52 for Mariyana T. Spyropoulos; 53 for Josina Morita; 58 for Marty Durkan; 62 for Kim Foxx; 64 for Dorothy Brown; 65 for Karen A. Yarborough.

There are a couple of places where you should vote NO as it will allow you to select the judges individually. It is here where we can make the most political impact on our daily lives.

Remember: If you vote “yes,” all of the judges will be re-elected without having to answer for the decisions they made against the black community.

Vote no for these judges (Do not skip, you must vote no):

  • Jeanne Cleveland Bernstein | 258 | Cook County Bar Association recommendation
  • Charles Patrick Burns | 234 | John Burge prosecutor
  • Ann Finley Collins | 304 | blocked the appointment of Black judges
  • Nicholas Ford | 232 | Burge prosecutor
  • Vincent Gaughan | 210 | issued gag order in LaQuan McDonald case
  • Kay M. Hanlon | 262 | previously ran as Republican, switched to Democrat to get elected in Cook County
  • Bertina Lampkin | 222 | known as “Hang ‘Em High” among black judges, Lampkin was a Burge prosecutor, defended wrongful convictions and is particularly hard on black defendants
  • Diane J. Larsen | 240 | Madigan ally, blocked redistricting reforms
  • Daniel Joseph Lynch | 242 | sentenced Black man to 6 years in jail for contempt of court, removed by Illinois Supreme Court
  • Patrick T. Murphy | 270 | publicly opposed Chief Judge Evans in attempted power grab)
  • Daniel James Pierce | 282 | led public charge against Chief Judge Tim Evans)
  • Irwin J. Solganick | 206 | Cook County Bar Association recommendation)

Vote ‘yes’ for all other judges, whose names you can read in Maze Jackson’s guide at http://mazejacksonsaid.com/black-voters-guide/.

Eliminate the Cook County Recorder of Deeds? No

Earned Sick Time Employment Act? No. (This is a non-binding referendum designed to make Black people turn out to vote, with no intentions of passing the bill.  We should only consider this if it is a BINDING referendum).

Increased penalties for gun crimes? No. (This is a non-binding referendum designed to take advantage of crime in the Black community. Chicago has the toughest gun laws in the country. More jail is not the answer; more jobs and resources are.)

Should Chicago work with the federal government on infrastructure? Yes. (Again this is a non-binding referendum. All three of these questions were placed on the ballot to prevent term limits for the mayor from being voted on by the people.)

It is legal to take this list with you to your polling place. This guide is not meant to tell you who to vote for as much as to provide some insight from an unapologetically black perspective on who black people should consider voting for. 

Our recommendations take into consideration a variety of factors, based on particular insights we may have. Remember, this is the “What’s in it for the Black People? Recommended Candidates Guide.”