While covering a recruitment and job readiness fair, held Nov. 18 at the Above and Beyond Family Recover Center, 2942 W. Lake St., we encountered Lindsey Slater, who was seeking work. Look for the story online soon and in next week’s edition.

I’m a recovering addict. I have six weeks clean. I’ve been in Chicago for eight months. I’m from Mississippi, where I used to work at a catfish pond. I came to Chicago when my baby mama sent me an e-ticket. When she put me out, I wouldn’t go back, because Mississippi is too far away from my baby. 

I have a seven-year-old daughter and she’s given me inspiration to be a direct dad. Me and her mom are not together no more, but we still communicate and I’m still going to do whatever I can for my baby.

On coming clean

I’ve never even thought about being sober. I’ve been drinking since I was 9 years old. I’ve been smoking marijuana since I was 11 years old. When I got out of the hospital, I just figured I was going to go right back out there and do what I wanted to do, but something clicked. 

It was Oct. 12 and I was in a community meeting at the Boulevard [a homeless shelter]. I have two blood clots and I was homeless. They took me there straight from the hospital. 

My case manager, everything about the place is awesome. They helped me with everything. They feed you, have heat, water, clothing — the whole nine yards. 

I realized that I had, like, a haze over my eyes, a veil. When you’re under the delusion of drugs, your mind is altered. You got a cloud that covers everything. But when it came off, it was like, ‘Bam!’ You got a mission to do. 

God blessed me with my hands. I can sing and write music. I realized the blessing that I have and have to not be selfish with it. I have to put it out there. I got over 373 songs I wrote. I can sit here and sing for days. 

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