Bethany Stannard, 23, Liz Guerrero, 55, Ora Thompson, 30, and Iesha Polk, 27, had never danced together before their performance at the West Side Business Network’s annual holiday party, held Dec. 1 at the Columbus Park Refectory.

The dance group was assembled just for this performance, which was choreographed and organized by Thompson’s mother.

“It’s been awesome, we’ve had such a great time together,” said Polk. “It’s been nothing but good vibes.”

Guerrero, an Oak Park fitness instructor, said she’s been dancing for 40 years now.

“I think I took my first ballet class at 7 years old,” she said. “I’ve always been in and out of some kind of dance. I love anything that has to do with movement. I’m a physical person.”

For Stennard, whose been dancing for nearly two decades, the art is a means to express her love for God.

“As my knowledge of God and my relationship with him deepened and grew, I recognized that this was his call on my life,” said the Austin resident.

For Thompson, dancing isn’t her only passion. She also loves cooking and just recently started her own catering business.

While the group, like Thompson’s culinary ambitions, is relatively new terrain for the members (the group doesn’t have a name yet), the four said that there could be performances in the future — which would make their debut last Thursday night perhaps the prelude to something big.