Last weekend, I spoke to Jamarr Jones, a chef who works at Bitoy’s Bistro, 5946 W. Chicago Ave., in Austin. In between taking orders, the Austin resident riffed on President Donald Trump and the world that made him — one that Jones will have to live in.

He ain’t my president. Anybody who can’t stand for everybody ain’t s–t. The man ran a racist campaign. I can’t stand for anybody who talks about women and minorities that way. He’s literally bashed every religious freedom out there.

He’s somebody who supports the suppression of people who are poor. There’s no such thing as a middle class. It’s the rich and the poor and people like Trump are nothing but billionaires and all he’s done is appoint billionaires in his cabinet. It’s going to be bad out here.

I’ve been in Chicago for about seven years. I’ve been working here for maybe two months. I’ve seen a lot of stuff. I’m not proud. Our own people have a lot of fault in stuff that’s happening, but that comes with people keeping their foot on your neck, keeping you in poverty, not wanting to give you decent jobs and having abandoned buildings everywhere you look.

And the new administration isn’t going to do anything to help the situation. We need jobs, programs, opportunities for rehabilitation. It’s a people thing. The people in the community need to talk to these young people out here. The politicians aren’t going to do anything but sit up there and debate about how much their next paycheck and pensions are going to be.

Like right now, they’re doing the most idiotic thing I’ve ever seen. They’re going to tear down Obamacare and they have nothing to replace it with. These people are literally stupid. They’ve had this on the backburner just waiting to do this. Look how fast they’re doing it already. A lot of people, 20 million people, will be out of health insurance.

Like me.

I didn’t have it until the Affordable Care Act came around. Obama is going to be missed, man. I’m a chef. I work two jobs. That’s not life, man. Just to be able to make ends meet, I have to work two jobs, so I’ll be exhausted like in the next 25 years. I’ll probably be broke down — knees hurting, elbows hurting, nothing working. Now, who gets rich then? The doctors and the plastic surgeons who have to replace my joints.