Fathers Who Care and our the West Garfield Park Youth Council are committed to taking it to the streets in our combine efforts to engage, enlighten and empower other young people on the West Side of Chicago, in the following areas of interest:

1.  How to Reduce Underage Drinking, Substance Abuse and Senseless Violence on the West Side of Chicago?
2.  How to Motivate and Encourage Young People to Love, Forgive and Support Each Other, as well as Their Elders?
3.  How to Create Social and Environment Changes in our Community?
4.  How to Change the Stigma, Associated with Mental Health, Trauma and PTSD in the African American Community?
5.  How to Live a Purpose Driven Life in the Midst of the Storm?
6.  How to Conduct Environmental Scans and Community Outreach? 
For additional information on joining the West Side Garfield Park Community Stakeholders and/or our West Garfield Park Youth Council, please feel free to contact us at westsidecommunitystakeholders@gmail.com or 773-287-5821
Team Work – Can Make The Dream Work!