The spotlight was on the seasoned members of Corinthian Temple Church of God in Christ during an April 22 Senior Day event hosted by the church’s missionary department and held at the Allison United Foundation of Better Living, 4540 W. Washington Blvd.

Event attendees enjoyed free refreshments, food pantry giveaways, a hat raffle, cell phone services, information for computer training and presentations from AARP and Oak Street Health, among pleasurable activities. 

Betty Hughes, senior day event programmer and member of the missionary board, said she had a passion to do something for the seniors after hearing about their concerns. She added that the entire day was all about the seniors and helping them “anyway we can.”

“This is a day we want educated, motivated and encourage our seniors to take advantage of all of the discounts and freebies that’s available to them,” said Hughes. “We decided it was important to bring forth people that could help us to gain information. We just want to give them a little love and let them know that we are thinking about them and we’re trying to help and as God’s people that’s what we are supposed to do.”

Hughes said the AARP’s presentation on insurance information was one of the event’s highlights. Several seniors in attendance who are on fixed incomes said they were unaware of all of the medical options they were eligible for.

“We want our seniors to stay here as long as possible,” said Hughes. “They’re the forerunners, the foundation. Some of them worked 30 years on the job and are still working and standing strong [after] raising their children, raising the children next door, raising grandchildren and some of them great grandchildren.”

David Todd Whittley, pastor of Corinthian Temple Church of God in Christ, said Hughes suggested the church host a senior day to share information. He said the church was “very grateful” to Hughes and the committee assigned to the day for making the event possible.

“It’s already been a great day with much-needed information for our senior citizens who have worked so hard all their life,” said Whittley. “I’m going to make sure that they have what they need to know and the proper resources to live in comfort and to live a good life.”

Whittley said it’s important to “get outside the four walls of the church” in order see what needs the church has to meet in the community.

“We just have to be like Jesus,” said Whittley. “He was all about meeting the needs of people spiritually and naturally. Today is all about loving on our seniors, putting a smile on their face. When they leave here, they should feel good about who they are.”

Ruby Woods, a member of Corinthian Temple Church of God in Christ for 52 years, said the event was “helpful” and wanted every opportunity to learn about the services and benefits she is eligible for. She said the cell phone offers and medical information were important to her.

“For a lot of us, these are things we just don’t know, we haven’t been taught and we thank God for the committee to come help us and enlighten us,” said Woods.