LOCKED HANDS: Residents of Lockwood Avenue during a block rally in June. | TERRY DEAN/Contributor

Community support for youth has been a concern for Austin residents this summer, including the residents of the 900 North block of Lockwood, who hosted a community block rally in June.

Organizer and resident Edie Jacobs said the event was about the community coming together to support one another. Kids, teenagers, elders and adults came out for the evening event, which included music and food. The residents also hosted a neighborhood meeting to discuss issues.

Jacobs, a former corrections officer, said jobs are especially needed for young people released from prison. She said she helps men and women find jobs, something she enjoys doing.

“The Lord bless me to get this going, and I have a passion for it, and I love it. Trying to help our people, that’s what I’m about,” said Jacobs, who works with the Westside Health Authority.

Rosetta Dotson, a chaplain at Loretto Hospital who spoke at the block rally, said young people also need adults to help guide and mentor them.

“We see in our community babies raising babies. So we need more women to teach them how to be women and mothers, and the [men] to teach the fathers how to be fathers,” she said.

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