I love the idea of an old year ending and a new one beginning. It gives each of us the opportunity to start fresh. The adjective “new” to describe the year is so refreshing as it gives us inspiration and hope that what was left/begun in the old year can be revived/improved by the new!

I am not one to make a lot of New Year resolutions. The major reason is that I don’t want to make a liar of myself by not sticking to them. However there is one resolution I’ve been making for the past couple of years and have yet to see that resolution come to fruition. The main obstacle/reason is myself. I’ve talked a good game, but I haven’t done what I was supposed to do to make that talk a reality. Part of the reason is fear. The self-doubt we put in place, especially when it comes to one’s self, can hold us back from attaining a lot of our dreams and thus our successes.

Like many people, I needed an inspiring moment to give me the motivation to want to go forward with my dream. That moment occurred when someone posted a 6½-minute video on Facebook and I watched it. The video starred Steve Harvey, who talked about what it took for him to become successful. The most important thing that came out of his video was that he said one has to “jump” into action and take the risk. Success doesn’t just “happen.” It is “caused” because the jump is a blind leap of faith that one takes with no assurances. That leap can also mean failure. But one can never succeed if one never makes an attempt.

If you haven’t seen the video, I suggest you go to YouTube and enter “Steve Harvey jump” in the search area. A variety of video choices of his performance will be displayed. You’ll know you have the right video because he is standing on the set of the game show Family Feud and his speech appears to be just an off-the-cuff moment to the audience either before or between tapings. Hopefully, after watching his motivational speech, you will be just like myself — motivated to make your own jump.

My jump is this: I am a writer. I am a darn good writer. I’ve written a number of novels that have never been published. So in 2018, my New Year resolution and “jump” is to move forward with promoting my talent as a writer and get all of those works published. The hesitations that have been holding me back will be left behind as I make my “jump” to move forward, whether or not I succeed.

Happy New Year!