The new film Black Panther continues to dominate the box office. I still want to see it a second time, but will do so on the small screen so I can analyze it up close and personal. 

What is most amazing to me about the movie is that for years we’ve been constantly told that movies featuring black people cannot sell overseas. So it was fascinating to watch a 10-minute video where Koreans were interviewed about the movie and their perceptions. Those interviewed liked it. For the Koreans who saw the film, it changed their image of black people from criminals and hip hop stars to just people. 

My contention remains that, as with anything where the content is good, human nature unites us as one type of being. If you want to see the video, I am pretty sure a Google search will show it is available on YouTube.

 By the time you read this, I will have voted in the March 20 primary. This has been the most uninteresting political season for me. I am not excited about any of the candidates for governor. What I do know is that JB didn’t resonate with me and Kennedy doesn’t have the pull that his family name should have brought forth. 

None of those running for governor has hit on the messages that are most important to me. And everyone who brings up noncitizens as a priority can guarantee that my vote won’t go for them. One of the things our politicians need to do is bring forth sensible laws and regulations. 

I am still spending dollar after dollar trying to get that stupid “service engine light” off while being unable to renew my license plate sticker because of it. There have been stories in the daily papers about people going bankrupt because our politicians have made unreasonable rules and laws. I am a major proponent of allowing an automatic four-month extension of the license plate sticker if the car is 15 years or older. 

I can’t wait to see if Queen Sugar Toni Preckwrinkle loses her job. If she does, it will send a chilling message to other elected officials that the public doesn’t forget and their ability to hold office is still a privilege that we the voters give them.

I am still following comedian Mo’Nique in her quest for economic parity, along with her boycott of Netflix. I don’t think the boycott is working, but the issue she has brought up is resonating with other actors and actresses. The answer to her dilemma is simple: We must produce our own, before attempting to make demands of others! We need a “HollyHood,” which produces movies and television shows that reflect the black experience. 

If Black Panther as a movie is to teach us anything, it is that human nature and our commonality is the biggest audience draw. Produce a good product and people will want to see it.