West Side Community Stakeholders Presents

West Side Youth Council – Weekly Television Show

 on CAN-TV (Cable Channel 21)

Hosted by:  Ms. Vernisha Jones, WGP – Youth Council President and David Elam, Youth Council President Emeritus 

West Garfield Park Park Youth Council and the West Side Community Stakeholders 

Special Guest:  Ms. Karea Berry and Lanean Smith


What is the State of the City of Chicago and the West Side for Young People ?

“People United to Bridge the Gaps between Our Young People and their Peers… 

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Dial in phone:  312-738-1060

Live web streaming:  www.cantv.org/hotline

Topics We Will Discuss:

How to Restore Faith and Hope Back into our People and Community in 2018 ?

How can we Promote a Safe, Healthy and Drug Free West Side of Chicago ?

How Can We Stop The Violence on the West Side of Chicago among People of Color ?   

What are Opioids, K2 and SPICE ?

What’s Happening on the West Side of Chicago to Empower and Engage Parents and Young People ?

What is  the  City doing to address Mental Health and Crisis Intervention ? 

What is the State of Entrepreneurship and Business Development in West Garfield Park ?

Why is Community Engagement and Empowerment  Important ?

How Should We Deal with Stress on the West Side of Chicago 

Youth Training and Employment Opportunities

  Your Voice, Prayers and Leadership Matters !

  For additional information, please contact us at 773-287-5821 or westsidecommunitystakeholders@gmail.com