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Tune in TONIGHT, June 07, 2018 at 7:00 pm !


 West Side Community Stakeholders Presents

West Side Youth Council – Weekly Television Show

 on CAN-TV (Cable Channel 21)


Hosted by:  Rev. Walter Jones, Jr.  Director

Fathers Who Care, West Garfield Park Park Youth Council and the West Side Community Stakeholders 


 Special Guest:  Mrs. Tamela Milan, Outreach Manager

Access Health Network


How to Engage and Empower more Fathers and Men in the City of Chicago.


    What is the State of the City of Chicago and the West Side for Young People ?

“People United to Bridge the Gaps between Our Young People and their Peers… 


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Topics We Will Discuss:


How to Restore Faith and Hope Back into our People and Community in 2018 ?


 How can we Promote a Safe, Healthy and Drug Free West Side of Chicago ?


 How Can We Stop The Violence on the West Side of Chicago among People of Color ?   


 What are Opioids, K2 and SPICE ?


What’s Happening on the West Side of Chicago to Empower and Engage Parents and Young People ?


 What is  the  City doing to address Mental Health and Crisis Intervention ? 


What is the State of Entrepreneurship and Business Development in West Garfield Park ?


Why is Community Engagement and Empowerment  Important ?


  How Should We Deal with Stress on the West Side of Chicago 


Youth Training and Employment Opportunities


 Your Voice, Prayers and Leadership Matters !


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