On June 6 and June 7, officials with the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation, UnitedHealthcare and CBS EcoMedia stopped by Austin College and Career Academy, 231 N. Pine Ave., to help renovate the school’s interior. 

On Wednesday, according to a joint statement the organizations released, volunteers were on hand to help “build a dance studio with mirrors and ballet bars; upgrade the school’s weight room with new equipment; clean and enhance the locker room by installing new cabinets and whiteboards; and clean and improve the garden by assembling new seating and adding new mulch.” 

On Thursday, volunteer workers unveiled the new fitness spaces to students and staff members, in addition to hosting a fitness and dance clinic, and preparing health dinners for students.

The renovations are part of the Team8 Tour, “a national campaign aimed at encouraging young people across the country to make healthy choices, build character and learn critical life lessons that will inspire them to be catalysts for positive social change.” 

— Michael Romain