Every day the news reports are heartbreaking. The number of people being shot and/or killed is increasing. What used to be the weekend numbers have now become the evening/overnight numbers. Political black leadership in this city has been quieter than the church mice they emulate. Even quieter are many of the so-called activists. So when a man of the cloth finally speaks up and draws attention to what is happening with violence, it comes as no surprise that Father Michael Pfleger has taken a leading role.

As you may recall, Father Pfleger did the eulogy at the funeral for Tyshawn Lee, a little boy who was lured away from the playground and executed for the sins of his father back in November 2015. Prior to Tyshawn’s murder, Father Pfleger had endorsed Rahm for re-election. I don’t know how much weight his endorsement carried, but Rahm did win. So the question I have is if you have the ear of the mayor, why are you proposing to shut down an expressway? A major interstate roadway that has nothing to do with any of the killings.

Truthfully, if he really needed to close something between St. Sabina’s physical location and the Dan Ryan at 79th Street, I’m sure there are a plethora of drug spots/gang hangout areas that could have been shut down! Mess with the drug boys’ money, and you mess with their livelihood. They might not appreciate it. They might take revenge. But innocent drivers on the expressway, you can shut them down with impunity! So what if someone gets injured trying to get the traffic to stop? What if somebody’s in traffic trying to make it to the hospital and they can’t get there because protesters close down the roadway? This is one of the most selfish, diabolical, and ludicrous ideas ever … wait a second! Rahm is gearing up for his re-election come February of next year. Is this little stunt the kickoff to his campaign? I mean I do have a picture of Rahm and Father Pfleger huddle together at the casket at Tyshawn Lee’s funeral. Neither of them looked like they were shedding any tears. Looked more like they were plotting over the boy’s body. But then again, that’s just me!

Here’s what I suggest: Rather than shutting down the expressway, why don’t we begin to shut down drug sites? Let’s also get a return of the death penalty. It never ceases to amaze me that those who commit carnage and are willing to take other people’s lives, seem to value their own. They’re not willing to die for anything. So let’s give them the opportunity to lose their lives the same way they’re taking other lives. Yes, we don’t know if the death penalty works, but here’s the reality. With life in prison, which seems to be like college for certain individuals, the carnage is continuing. Maybe just one or two public executions might be enough to cause those individuals to think again before becoming involved in violence. Talking to them hasn’t worked. Jailing them hasn’t worked. The death penalty may be our final and only solution!