When temporary workers faced serious hurdles in the workplace, state Rep. Carol Ammons stepped up to pass the Responsible Jobs Creation Act. When students in Chicago and around the state from low-income areas desperately needed a new school funding formula, state Rep. Will Davis was there to help lead the charge. And when minority-owned businesses have needed a lift, state Sen. James Clayborne and I have worked together to provide them new opportunities.

Black lawmakers best represent their communities because we know the challenges our constituents face. Yet Bruce Rauner has the gall to go on a Chicago radio station and claim he’s the best Illinois governor ever for the black community, and doubled down when we protested by claiming we are ineffective in Springfield.

Governor, you just don’t get it, and never will.

Gov. Rauner made clear as soon as he took office four years ago he was choosing the elite over us. He hasn’t visited any communities in my district just west of Chicago, and you won’t find him in many other predominantly black neighborhoods and communities.

His Turnaround Agenda? Its anti-union, anti-worker approach will tear families apart, and gut the benefits and security needed by the people I represent. His achievements in office – from the education formula and a balanced budget this year to higher education reforms – are all initiatives led by the Legislature that he wants to take credit for. Now he’s ecstatic about the new U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Janus that will only further undermine the strong union jobs that provide for so many of our families.

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State Rep. Emanuel “Chris” Welch, 7th District  

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