So much of the conversation about Washington today centers around dollars and cents. Often people are taken out of the equation and their needs are disregarded. Focusing only on costs has led to a constant standoff in Congress, with a government shutdown constantly looming overhead. The problem with this is that, all too often, cutting now costs us more later on. 

The lack of foresight from so many of our leaders is disturbing. I am proud that my congressman, Danny Davis, recognizes that funding social services, education and research into diseases like Alzheimer’s are an investment in our future. 

Through my position in an assisted living community, I see the terrible effects of Alzheimer’s disease firsthand. I see the daily struggles of the family, caregivers, and residents with this disease and the toll it takes on all. I simply cannot understand any elected official who opposes increasing funding for the National Institutes of Health’s research. 

Not only is it the right thing to do morally, it makes fiscal sense. Treating people with Alzheimer’s cost the federal government more than $150 billion dollars last year, the most of any disease, and it is the only major cause of death in our country that does not have a cure or treatment that slows its progression. 

If ever we needed to get an issue under control, this is it, and I appreciate that Congressman Davis understands this and fights so hard for what is right.


Beth Alleman, Oak Park