Just one more week until one of the “four-letter-word” candidates becomes the new mayor of Chicago. Yes, I’m taking both ladies down to the lowest common denominator: L-O-R-I vs T-O-N-I and vice versa, T-O-N-I vs L-O-R-I. One of them, neither of whom is a native-born Chicagoan, will lead this city into the future for the next four years. They will replace the original four-letter-word known as R-A-H-M. And if history is a predictor of the future, Chicagoans will be using a four-letter-word starting with F, no matter who takes over the office.

Social media is both front-and-center as we come down to the finish line for this election. Both candidates have their supporters, and it appears that the goal of those individuals is to constantly denigrate the other candidate. For some reason, when it comes to people talking to black people about a candidate, it’s always the boogeyman strategy put into play. The (four-letter-word) did this, the (four-letter-word) will do that. My four-letter-word is better than your four-letter-word! If you elect this four-letter-word, then this will happen. Currently, there are allegations that one of the four-letter-words may have a medical problem. 

There appears to be no limit to how low or what supporters will say or do to possibly dissuade someone from supporting the other candidate.

Former candidates for mayor have also jumped into the fray. They are picking sides, going with one evil or the other. I’ve always looked at endorsements with a wary eye. Rare is the time that an endorsement by someone causes me to change my vote choice. Interestingly, former President Barack Obama who normally loves to add his two cents into local politics has been very quiet on this one. In the past he has vocalized his support for an aldermanic candidate as well as one running for state rep. Twice he gave us Rahm. Now when it comes to two black women … silence! Why?

Even all the local pastors have gotten involved. Strangely, some of the most vocal ones have been quieter than a church mouse this election cycle. That leads me to ask another why?

Austin residents will have a chance to hear from the candidates this coming Thursday. I expect that location to be filled to the brim with concerned individuals who know one of these two people will control our destiny for the next four years. The only solution is another four-letter word: V-O-T-E!

 Voter turnout is imperative as we move into the April 2 election. Being that this is a runoff, it’s a winner-take-all proposition. So this should not be a situation where the fewest voters choose who becomes the mayor for the next four years.

 Everyone should come out and exercise their right to voice their opinion.