Everything has a price. The most recognizable price we all understand is the value of our labor. That’s why there are jobs that pay a minimum wage while others pay in the tens of millions.

Paying a price is the foundation of living. Everything in this world has value, and each of us determines what we are willing to spend for it. The only time we have no control over the price we pay is when we are murdered by the criminal element that permeates this society. And in the black community, that criminal element is extracting the price on a daily basis. No one is safe from paying the ultimate price when those no-good, low-life, dirty-rotten, should’ve-been-aborted-and-never-born individuals take to shooting guns with impunity. Old and young, male and female, it doesn’t make a difference. Far too many innocent people are losing their life because of the reckless and senseless violence that some individuals within the black community perpetrate on the black community.

I have to pose this question: Where are the law-and-order black politicians? We have a plethora of hand-wringers who can’t come up with any kind of solution. Their silence and inaction makes them complicit. As such, the problem gets worse while the remedy offered is nonexistent.

I want to go on record as being a proponent to re-institute the death penalty here in Illinois. Those criminals who are willing to take other people’s lives, must be held accountable with their own life. Life in prison is no longer a deterrent or an acceptable price to pay. For far too many who willingly participate in the criminal lifestyle, going to prison is like going to college. They don’t get a “trunk party” but they get a “book party.” People give them money to put on the “book” so they can buy things while they’re away. 

And just like those who go away to school and come back with book learning, our criminal element go to prison and come back with even more knowledge about the carnage they can commit. There may not be any proof that the death penalty will be a deterrent, but I guarantee you this: Let’s have a public execution and see what the crime rate becomes after it.

I think the death penalty should be given to those who shoot others on the expressway. There’s something extremely malicious about anyone who is participating in that kind of activity. They know their actions could result in the death of others, but they don’t care about the potential number of other people who could be killed. School shooters should get the death penalty. Why waste money trying to rehab someone who cares so little. Those who pull out automatic weapons and fire indiscriminately should be held accountable. 

Those who are harboring these killers need to be held accountable. If one has a young person in their household who is not working, but they always seem to have money or a stolen car, that head of household knows something is not right. Turning their head and not caring may not be a death penalty offense, but it should be a long-term jail offense with a corresponding financial fine.

Until we as a society and as a community begin to seriously address the gun violence, not with silly marches closing down expressways, or press conferences defending the accused before all details are publicly known, we are sending out subliminal messages of acceptance of criminal behavior.