Life is a gift from God. No individual has the right to take that gift. But we have living among us, those who are the spawn of the devil. Those two-legged critters who often look just like us are quick to pick up a gun and take away God’s gift. 

The young 12-year-old girl who was killed sitting at her computer in south suburban Harvey over a week ago is just the latest tragedy representing their worthless behavior among us. That girl had just begun to live when one of the devil’s own meted out the death penalty when they had no right to do so. Then after his dastardly deed, he ran away and hid like the coward he is, leaving in his wake the aftermath of his actions — another heart-broken family to mourn and bury a loved one.

I am calling on the world to hold a national day of prayer. This is going to be a different kind of prayer though. I am asking the entire world to pray that God smites these killers! That’s right. We are asking God to take away his gift of life from those individuals who think they are immune to society’s standard of behavior and the Fifth Commandment that God put forth: Thou shalt not kill!

These killers are the ones who should have never been born. They contribute nothing to this world other than the chaos they wrought. They hide out believing that no one knows. But God knows. And perhaps if millions upon millions of us ask God via constant prayers that he smites those individuals, he may answer our prayers and grant our wish. This would be a change of pace because instead of just praying to God for salvation for the victim’s family, those criminals will know that the entire world is praying for their demise. 

Imagine the mental anguish that might finally occur when these individuals know the world is praying for their demise. That kind of praying may be the only kind powerful enough to force them to get help and repent from their evil ways. That kind of prayer can possibly get them to turn themselves in to receive from man the punishment they deserve because for once they fear the punishment that God can mete out! 

 I can see the media now reporting on a day of prayer to God to smite these killers. From television to radio to the internet, the message can get out. I wonder if those killers would be willing to close their eyes and go to sleep knowing that their demise is being prayed for and that they may not awaken? Every one of us faces that reality on a daily basis. Our day of prayer would be a massive reminder of the fact. For once in their lives, those callous and uncaring individuals may finally experience fear. And if they pray to God to not kill them, maybe their ancestors will hear those prayers and decide to call home their DNA. This day of prayer can be the most powerful day to change an individual’s behavior that has ever occurred.

Most interesting, will be the people who will object to this idea. Their reasoning and logic will be most interesting to read and hear.