I hope you had a Merry Christmas! 

The date of Dec. 25 is used to celebrate the birth of Christ. I had the opportunity to watch a small snippet of video with Billy Graham. In it, someone asked him if Dec. 25 was the actual date that Christ was born. He admitted that it probably isn’t, but it’s a date that the ancient Romans chose to celebrate the birth of Christ. So if you’re Christian, whether Jesus’ birth was actually the 25th of December or not, it is the meaning of the day which we should all focus on. 

Jesus’ birth, as well as his subsequent crucifixion on a cross were both based on saving mankind from our sins. Based on the amount of crime that we read about in the headlines as of late, especially at this time of year, those sinning criminals make a mockery of Christ’s death. 

And the biggest mockery of all? The clueless, usually Christian-professing individual who has these killers, thugs, murderers, lowlife, POS who should have been aborted before they were born individuals living under their roofs while at the same time they are committing carnage in the streets.

Since Jesus died for our sins, and those clueless individuals like to profess that they don’t know about the sinning individuals in their household, this column is here to help.  Circle or highlight the following and mail it to them, tape it to their door or put it on the windshield of their car.

Dear (fill in the blank), Jesus died for our sins and you have a person in your household who is the very reason that Jesus is dead. There is a video currently available on Facebook by Michelle D Ivy entitled “NOT THE CHILD I RAISED”. Please go to Facebook and check it out or follow the link at the bottom of this column. When I saw the video, I thought of you, as the mother; me, as the friend; and the son represents in (fill in the blank) in your household.

The mother in the video is as clueless to her son’s behavior as you appear to be. Why do you continue to ignore the fact that you have a person who is creating havoc in the community under your roof? How can you pray to God to stop the violence when it radiates directly from your home?  How can you go to church and celebrate Christmas while at the same time ignore that you also harbor a child of Satan?

The friend in the video tries to get the mother to be more cognizant of her son’s behavior while the mother continues to be oblivious by choice. You are doing the same. There is no such thing as a grown man who you can’t say nothing to when he is living under your roof! 

The mother’s friend in the video tries to make the mother aware just as this note is putting you on notice. When something happens, you cannot run around and proclaim to all that you didn’t know because this note is informing you so that you do know! This is being done anonymously, because you would not be receptive to someone pointing it out to your face. Professing to be clueless is no longer an acceptable excuse! In the name of Jesus, the funerals and violence can stop when you control and refuse to tolerate the behavior of the sinner that comes out your front door!

CONTACT: michael@austinweeklynews.com