Three videos have been released as of this writing regarding the death of Ahmaud Arbery, the young black jogger who was murdered in Georgia back in February. The first video was the one in which Arbery was jogging down the road and encountered the father and son team of Gregory McMichael, 64, and Travis McMichael, 34. Moments later, Arbery is shot dead.

The second video, released days later, was the one in which a security camera captured someone going into the under-construction house. The third video is one of that person inside the house.

Much has been made about the second video as if it could vindicate what happened in the first one. On the surface, it does show a person (possibly Arbery) who had been running down the road slows down, and then enters the open garage. That person exits the open garage and goes around towards the back of our house. But rather than view what occurred as someone with criminal intent, what if it was an innocent attempt to locate someone on the property to ask them a question? I for one am a lover of new construction. Perhaps Arbery was too? So rather than the person on the tape being seen as someone looking to steal something, maybe that person was looking for someone on the premises to ask a question, such as, “Is this house for sale?” Or even to get some free construction advice. Or to inquire if the owner needed help because they had seen the house sitting unfinished and the person could do that kind of work? Or just to admire how it was going?

The third video shows that although the person entered the house and looked around, that person didn’t take anything. The total time of them being in the house was less than 5 minutes. The person leaves out the front door and jogs on down the street. We know from the first tape what happens next.

There was a second tragic situation that occurred in Flint, Michigan on May 1, which momentarily generated outrage, but then fell off most people’s radar once the Arbery video was released. Calvin Munerlyn, 43, was working security at a Family Dollar store. He got into a confrontation with Sharmel Teague, 45, who was in the store with her daughter, Brya Bishop, 24. Teague was wearing a face mask, but when she was told the daughter should have one on as well, an argument ensued. The two left the store and 20 minutes later her husband, Larry Teague, 44, and her son Ramonyea Bishop, 23, arrived at the store to confront Munerlyn. The son, a “budding” rapper pulls out a gun and shoots the security guard in the back of the head killing him. Now all four members of the family are in jail, charged with crimes associated with the murder.

Two senseless killings perpetrated by young people under the guidance of their elders. Proof positive that young fools simply become old fools and old fools perpetuate the cycle by creating young ones!