These are days of mighty change that we are reporting on in our seven neighborhoods. Our reporting has never been more vital. And our thoughtful use of words takes on greater importance.

That is why Growing Community Media, like many other news organizations, last week updated our editorial style guidelines to begin capitalizing the words Black and Brown when used in our pages. This change reflects recognition of systemic racism in our work over decades in reporting on people of color.

It is a small but notable adjustment which acknowledges with respect the contributions to our history and to our culture of Black and Brown people. It equalizes references to Hispanics, Asians, Italian-Americans, Irish-Americans and other communities.

The word white, which typically describes a skin color and not a distinct culture, will continue to be lower-case.

Growing Community Media publishes under four flags in seven neighborhoods – the Austin Weekly News, Wednesday Journal of Oak Park & River Forest, Forest Park Review and Riverside-Brookfield Landmark.