Perfect vision is 20/20. They say that hindsight is 20/20. But in reality, looking back at this year of 2020, it has not been perfect, but it has been a vision, even if a horrific one!

Perhaps one of the first things about this year that should have given us fair warning was the initial emphasis on not writing the date as mm/dd/yy. We were warned that people could forge dates. Either postdate or predate something. In reality, 2020 has been a year that nobody really wants to recall and the majority of us can’t wait for it to come to an end.

Covid-19 literally almost brought the world to a standstill this year. Intermingled amongst the stories about the virus, we had the murder of George Floyd. We had riots that tore apart areas of this city, including downtown and Michigan Avenue. We had a homegrown police superintendent in Eddie Johnson who was always visible only to have the current mayor replace him with the out-of-state, invisible and pretty much worthless David Brown. 

We’ve had the public schools close, so that learning has now been placed in the hands of parents, many who proved how ill-equipped they were to handle the situation. We had a young 6-year-old girl allegedly sexually molested over the internet by an older teen male relative, and the outrage regarding it died down as quickly as the act did! 

We’ve had a major uptick in carjacking by children in the 11- to 15-year age group. And because they’re juveniles, their actions are being given the lightest of punishments. Even though these same individuals have held guns on people. They’ve fired bullets. They’ve handed out death sentences while the majority of politicians in the city, especially the Black ones, have been mute. 

Why even the two reverends who were so quick to defend the car thieves who were stealing cars up in the far northern suburbs, which led to one of their cohorts being shot in the head, have not been front and center about the number of young black children committing this carnage. Not surprising. They stick their heads out only if Black folks can be victims, but have nothing to say when we are perpetrators.

The mayor of the city has proven without a doubt that she is a one-termer. The riots showed how ill-prepared she was to know and run the city. Chicago has always been a city of neighborhoods. And you have to know the peculiarities about each one in order to deal with the situation. 

Limelight Lori was believing all those memes people had put up about her regarding the coronavirus. But when push came to shove, both her bark and bite were ignored. Her latest misstep is having lied to us about when she saw the tape regarding the naked woman whose house was erroneously raided.  

When finally confronted with facts, she admitted she lied. I think she expected us not to remember that she fired Eddie Johnson for lying (which was regarding something in his personal life) while she lied to us in her official capacity as mayor.

The year 2020 is waning. All I can say is 2020, go to hell!