I watched the royal interview and as soon as Meghan Markle professed that she never once Googled anything about the royal family, I called her a bimbo and was done.  From that point forward, anything she said was taken with a grain of salt. And she didn’t disappoint.

I had never in my life heard the word “safe” bandied about so often. In truth, by the time she finished, I was unsure exactly what the word meant and what her vision of it was. Especially when it came to keeping the baby safe. Is that not a mother’s protective role?

But like most folks who are hell-bent on giving out their side of any situation and appearing to be innocent about how she presented it, Meghan didn’t disappoint. She uttered the words that somebody had inquired just how dark the future baby would be, and Oprah’s reaction disappointed me to no end.

You see Oprah has a lot of melanin in her skin, so I would have expected her to be taken aback and inquire: What’s wrong with dark? Because Megan’s interpretation of it as a “mother of color” will set the stage for whether it is seen as a positive or negative to her child.

In my viewpoint, the power in its negativity or positivity is what we, the folks who have lots of it in our skin, give to it. So for Oprah and everybody else to immediately take it as a negative, says a lot more about us than it does the person asking. Hasn’t the mantra been for centuries, out of the mouths of European descended women, wanting someone who was tall, dark and handsome?

And truthfully, no people talk about skin color more than American black folks! We know to look at the ears to see exactly what color a light-complected newborn baby will end up being. We profess our love of wanting a chocolate drop without clarifying about how chocolate that chocolate gets to be.

The fallout from the interview has been interesting as well. Black folks have taking Meghan under our wings, with no regard for how black she is mentally. Photos of her as a teenager showed her looking a lot more like a Black person of mixed ancestry than her adult self (I’ll let everybody make up their own mind as to just how those changes happened).

We’ve taken her words at face value without asking or inquiring about the context. And since neither she nor Harry will divulge who said what, what was the whole point of bringing it up? Their actions remind me of people that go on the Maury show with no regards for the innocent child who will one day have to look back at the controversy as it applies to them. Meghan professed that she couldn’t get mental health while living with the royals, yet has no regard for the mental health of her child as he one day has to look at that interview and question all the meanings. 

Should Meghan’s role have been to remain within the royal family and fight for her son’s birthrights? Or is running to America to be in the spotlight here best for her and her son? Maybe if Meghan had done that Google search to begin with …