I used to listen to comedians doing routines where they joked about crime in the Black community. Their comedy would be hysterical as they pointed out all the basic stuff we have to lock down. They would paint a hysterical visual picture of giant locks on everything since anything people placed outdoors could be subject for theft by the “exterior decorators,” aka “porch pirates” who don’t feel that you are entitled to have things just sitting about. 

I experienced it firsthand last year when my cheap $20 plastic vase from Aldi’s was stolen from my front sidewalk. The trifling thief dumped all the dirt and rocks from it on my neighbor’s lawn and proceeded off. I replaced the planter, but the new one now has a chain going through it with a lock into a concrete brick. When I find myself having to lock up everything that I put outside, the reality is not as funny.

However, if all we had to worry about was people stealing things from our property, it wouldn’t be so bad. But the crime that is going on now is absolutely heartbreaking. It is not uncommon to hear of mass shootings, execution murders, shots fired on the expressway and even shots fired at people just driving down the street. Where is the outrage when a recently released prisoner is shot 64 times in front of Cook County Jail? 

Carjackings continue to dominate the news with the ages of those involved now being in their early teens and younger. Where is the outrage, or is there any? What about the 74-year-old grandfather and veteran who was beaten to death by two carjackers who then were too stupid to even know how to get into the car? 

The crime coming out of the Black community is no longer a racist stereotype. We have individuals who are living down to that racist point of view and I’m just not feeling the outrage that should be happening in regard to it. I mean babies are being shot and the numbness afflicting Black people is just that. The lack of outrage is an outrage!

It’s time to put forth a call to reinstitute the death penalty in Illinois. Yes I am fully aware of the formerly incarcerated who were innocent. But what freed them from that incarceration? DNA! And the same DNA that freed a person, can be the same DNA to convict a person. Plus, we now have a lot of camera systems that are actually catching the crimes. Does anybody feel that the person accused of executing the couple after the Puerto Rican parade is not entitled to the death penalty? What about the men who executed the little girl in the car at the McDonald’s drive-thru? What about the men who shot the recently released rapper 64 times in front of County jail? Should they get the death penalty? What about shooters on the expressway? They risk the lives of everybody when they are firing bullets. Shouldn’t their life be put at risk? If we catch a shooter and convict a shooter, will he go to his own death with the same bravado he had when he committed the crime?

It is wake up time, people! We either have to send a message of intolerance, or it’s going to get worse. And right now, it’s hard to imagine what could be worse.