I am a member of the Baby Boomer generation (b. 1946-1964). The generations that followed are:

  • Generation X (b. 1965-1980);
  • Generation Y (b. 1981-1996);
  • Millennium, aka Generation Z (b. 1997-2012); and
  • Generation Alpha (b. 2013-2025).

However, missing from the list is the generation that transcends every one of those eras. I call them the IDGAF (I Don’t Give a F***) generation. These are the individuals who create havoc, and their response to anybody that critiques them is the literal translation: IDGAF. Tell them that they’re running the community and their response is: IDGAF. When they create havoc and commit crimes, even with the knowledge that they may go to jail for the rest of their lives, their response is: IDGAF! These are individuals who you cannot threaten with anything because they truly don’t care (or they maintain a false charade of bravado, not caring while committing their heinous acts, but once caught, to try and save their butts, they lie and pretend that they are/have repented). But in reality, they are diehard IDGAF members. They are cold-blooded and heartless. Their thought processes are warped because of their self-centered ideologies. And as such, when they threaten to do dastardly deeds, everyone who hears their proclamation, should believe them 1,000%!

An example of members of the IDGAF generation shows in an incident that happened here a couple of weeks ago. The initial news report out of Skokie was simply that gunfire had occurred within an apartment and that two children had been shot. But as the story unfolded, the stench from it was overwhelming. Anyone who watched the news conference and followed the story, knows there’s a lot of smelly parts to the entire debacle. The only innocent victims in all of this were children, who paid the premium for the adult mess that they were placed into. One child, 9-year-old Jeremiah Ellis was shot a total of 11 times while committing the horrific crime of lying on the floor watching TV. His brother was shot once in the foot. A total of 35 bullets were fired at those young children on purpose as part of an act of revenge for a killing from last year in August. What kind of people could do that? It’s the IDGAF generation. They act without logical thinking. They’re so focused on the cause that they don’t consider the illogic of their decisions.

The police have apprehended the alleged suspects. A female, 32, who is the alleged ringleader, along with her alleged accomplices, who are males, 22 and 16. I told you the IDGAF generation transcends eras when one of them is old enough to be the mother of the youngest!

Other parts of the stories that have come out are that the female ringleader had sent messages to the family members of the deceased child prior to his death declaring, “Ho, I’ll smoke you and your kids, yeah b—-, I said your kids.” The threat was taken seriously enough that the grandparents did not attend the 9-year-old’s birthday party in Chicago. But when he went to their house, that is where the ringleader and her accomplices allegedly carried out her threat.

Adult mess! On everyone’s part! That is what these folks did and got into so that the children had to suffer. It is time we reclaim our entire community, promote punishments/situations and realities that will make the IDGAF generation GAF, and stop using language, by calling young criminals “babies” when they are truly young criminals, which then has the unintended consequences of being supportive of the IDGAF generation.