It’s no secret that I am not a fan of Snitch Harry and his wife. But truthfully, they almost turned me and had me on their side. I watched their six-hour miniseries, and I was almost sympathetic to their hype. It’s easy to want to believe that an institution that has been around for over a thousand years can be painted with a “one size fits all situations” racism brush.

The folks who founded this country came from the United Kingdom, and they created the system of American slavery; therefore the assumption is that England is racist. The problem with that simplistic viewpoint is it doesn’t address the African countries that sold their fellow people to the slavers to begin with.

The simplistic becomes the complicated.

The Snitch’s book is now out and from all the reports I’ve seen and read, the book is filled with the most mundane recollections, outright lies, and personal information that endangers both him and everyone around him, that has ever been put down on paper.

I have watched a number of the interviews that Snitch Harry gave and his interviewers have either asked questions that were basically answers for him, or the interviewer did not follow up by probing the answers he gave. When Anderson Cooper asked him about giving up their royal titles, Harry’s response was, “What difference would it make?” America, in other words, did not establish itself as a monarchy so why attempt to bring those labels and titles here as part of his immigration?

But the Snitch backtracked on the allegations of racism that he and his wife had lobbed against the Royal Family, based on the Oprah interview. That interview cannot be readily found online anymore, which, in itself, speaks volumes. It is also interesting when the Snitch names names or when he doesn’t. He still won’t specifically state who questioned what color his unborn child would be. I find that very interesting because he had no problem dropping other names. It almost makes me wonder if it really happened, because if he names names and he’s lying, he can be sued for slander.

There is a part of the book where he talks about the number of people he killed in Afghanistan. That particular comment has upset the Muslim world. He and his wife always talk about being safe, which makes me wonder how unsafe those comments have made them?

What I would be interested in, though, is attending as an observer a Black book club meeting where the members have read the book and are discussing it — especially if they are supporters of Snitch Harry and company. I want to understand the thought process that goes through the minds of Black people who still believe the Snitch’s side of the story even as they change their story to fit their current need.

In the meantime, my motto regarding the Snitch is to ditch him.