The reality of the circle of life is that as we progress through the end part, priorities change. I for one used to be an active soldier in the movement to improve the lives of Black people. And I’m still there as a standing member of the body when I feel like it. But I no longer want to be in the forefront. That fight and battle is for those younger than me.

Even thinking about the battle is tiring. I long for the carefree days of youth where the only priority is oneself. And I guess that’s what I’m getting to in my old age. I am choosing Arlene over anything else.

I’m also choosing to enjoy the little things in life. For the first time in years, I decorated my house for Halloween. And even though the decorations were simple, it came out really nice and I hope the community enjoyed it. I really like the yard stakes made of corrugated plastic. They come in a variety of designs of pumpkins, scary cats, witches, headstones, etc. All one has to do is put the plastic, straw-like sticks in them and push them into the ground for an instant decor.

My daughter held her annual pumpkin-carving event, and I created the cutest pumpkin in the world. And for one week it sat in front of my house, along with an uncut pumpkin, unbothered. However, the Saturday before Halloween when I went to put the light on, the decorated pumpkin was gone. Somebody took both pumpkins. I’m hoping whoever took them, enjoyed them!

I recently had an electrician add additional outdoor outlets to my house. I haven’t decorated for Christmas in ages. But this year, I’m going to do it. I have tons of decorations to put out. One of the decorating ideas I have been admiring is the one that uses PVC pipe to create a sidewalk arch walkway. I’ve seen some neighborhoods where almost everyone did the same thing in front of their home. They had the arch going from their property, crossing over the city sidewalk, and then into the small parkway grass beside the curb. 

Since I don’t have any city parkway in front of my house, I’m going to have to do my arches over the sidewalk leading to my front steps. If anybody is interested in doing it, there are numerous videos on YouTube that explain the process. The cost is pretty nominal, but it adds such a nice appeal to the neighborhood.

I’m also lining up a number of other winter indoor projects to keep me busy. I’ve already completed the deep clean of my enclosed back porch, replacing some broken shutters with new ones and resealing the parquet floor. My electrician gave me a dedicated line so I can run my vintage rotisserie oven and microwave at the same time. No more blown circuits.

Let the projects continue!