March 20 marked the second anniversary of the Iraq war. What’s your position on the war currently? And how do you feel about high schools making student information available to military recruiters as reported
last week in the Chicago Defender?
(Submitted by Doris Lewis, co-founder, Black Mobilization Against the War)

Ora Woods: “I don’t feel we should have went over there in the beginning. Why does the United States always got to go some place to clean up somebody else’s house? We haven’t cleaned up our own. Clean up these street corners with all these gang-bangers on them selling drugs. Or send these folks over there and let them solve the wars. As for these young folks, I would tell them I don’t want to go to war. And I don’t think they should allow [recruiters] to go into the schools. They should be talking about educating themselves, not on how to go out there and get killed. They are fighting for something, and they don’t even know what they are fighting for. What are we fighting over there for?”

Jackie Green: “I want to know when did they actually find Sadaam? I believe it was staged; I don’t believe they found the man in the bunkers. I believe they found him the day before. As for the kids being recruited, it is up to parents. Parents should not allow their children to go to war. They don’t know what they’re going to war for, and they are too young. If they’re too young to vote, they’re too young to die.”

Laura Edwards: “I think we should end the war right now because what we’re fighting for … nobody knows what we’re fighting for?”nobody knows but Bush and Condoleeza. And it’s not fair to recruit kids out of high school. They haven’t even lived yet and don’t know what it’s all about. They shouldn’t go to war.”

Annabell West: “Why is it every time we get a Republican president we have to go into war? And kill up all of our black boys and white?”young people in general. Recruiting out of high school is the worst thing they can do. Where are the politicians’ children? Are they being recruited? Why not fight for medical care for everyone and affordable housing? The war should end today.”