We need more local journalists like Terry Dean

The legendary New York newspaperman Pete Hamill called Ted Poston, the first Black reporter at a mainstream daily newspaper — the New York Post — a “man of grace and generosity, particularly to those of us […]

My memories of Allison Payne

Allison Payne was a giant in the Journalism and Media space to many but also invisible to others. Her passing has been a tough pill to swallow for those who knew, loved, and adored her but […]

Happy first day of fall!

If I had to grade myself on doing everything I should have done by this time, I’m only going to give myself a B-. I have huge expectations for myself, and I didn’t do all the […]

A ‘Black woman’s body was never hers alone’

Fannie Lou Hamer, a brilliant civil rights advocate in the racially dangerous 1960s state of Mississippi, entered a hospital to have minor surgery. She emerged with her reproductive organs altered such that she could never procreate. […]


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