Elsie M. Nelson: “People are looking for that quick way out, the fast generation, but we don’t look at the consequences. The fast cash loan has a heavy consequence?”the interest that they put upon you. They actually put your check up. If you don’t make that payment, you’re paying a lot more than what you’re getting. So we’re looking for that quick fix, but it may not be as quick as we want it, and there is danger in there, and we’re not looking at the future. So it’s a danger, and we need to look at all the consequences.

“I used them when it first started. After I did it the first time and then you pay it, then they want you. They say, ‘Here comes a person’ and then you look at the people that are coming in after you. They’re taking their check because they want a check and that is a way to get into your checking account. So they’ll hold a check and then they write, and that is how they get you. You have to be very mindful of what you’re doing. If you have the need, I believe you address that need, but you must get out of it. However, they don’t want you to get out.”

Claudia Thompson: “I think that it’s just a modern-day loan-shark. They get people caught up in it so that it is a constant weekly thing. I’ve seen people do it constantly, and when they take your check, they continue to call you or continue to send you information about their loans. As for using them, I’ve never used them. I don’t trust them. Somewhere along the line, if you get money from them, say $150, you’re paying back $175, you know. So you continue to put yourself in a hole. No, I wouldn’t use them.”

Louvenia Moore: “The Payday Loan situation and the car title loans are really a ripoff to our community and neighbors. One of our seniors here at [Pleasant Ridge] church went to make a loan, and they charged triple more. You know, seniors are on a fixed income, and it took a long time to repay the loan. So we don’t need that in our community. If it’s not something to uplift us, we don’t it in the community. It’s a total ripoff.”

Classie Wardlow: (91 years young): “People should be taught what they are for, because they are taking advantage of people. They should be able to do without a week’s pay. The money they pay for that loan, they should wait until payday. You should have a week’s pay put aside so you don’t have to use these places.”

Gloria Canada: “Its a ripoff. It is no good for this community at all.”

AWN: Would you ever consider using one?

“No, I’m being honest. What we do at Bethel New Life is teach our parents not to use the Payday Loans.”