Wentreal Holland

“I think he’s going to appoint a conservative, someone who is going to follow his lead when it comes to the war, funding for the war, cutting social programs, tax cuts. He’s going to appoint somebody that’s going to be a legacy to him. So it’s not going to be anybody we’re going to like”I mean the working class”but it will benefit the wealthy, I’m sure of that.”

Geneva E. Moore

“What I think and I pray is that they would get some Godly person in there and someone who would be fair. Be fair to all of the people. That’s all I and anybody can ask for”someone who is for the people. So I don’t know who it’s going to be. Nobody knows who it will be, but hopefully someone who is fair.”

Alfredo Pacheco

“I think President Bush will pick someone who will be for the working class people. This is his last term, so he wants to make himself look good after the war and all that, so I think he will pick somebody for the working class.”

Gerald Potts, Jr.

“I do not think President Bush will pick somebody in the working class. It’s more somebody that’s going to scratch his back and somebody who’s going to look out for him. That’s my opinion because that’s been the trait since he’s been in office. People who are going to serve him he’s going to put in office to help him out”people who are going to benefit him, so if you’re not going to give him any benefits or breaks, he’s not going to put you in office.”