Anita Jones (A.J. Fashion)
“I would expose a family member who had AIDS because I would want someone to know, because the world must continue to go on, but we need to know so we can put a stop to our people just going out laying with anybody. We know we cannot catch AIDS by a hug or a kiss, but we need to let people know so we know how to treat them better because anybody can make a mistake.”

Velda Brunner
“Yes I would because they endanger other people, especially if they live in the same house and they constantly come in contact with other people, and you never know what is going on. Some people are not aware of HIV, so the danger of not being aware because you don’t know about it, sets up other confrontations.”

Yvonne Mesa-Magee
“Absolutely I would expose it because if you don’t expose it, what you’re doing is putting everybody in the community at risk. [Of] the new cases of AIDS, about 75 percent are from the African-American community. A lot of this is coming from the prison population when they return. So when they come home, they kind of keep that secret and before you know it we have an epidemic. Certainly I think we need to ask the church to address this issue in pulpit.”

Bettye Pulphus
“Yes, because we need to prevent the spread of diseases. It is not clean. We need to be health conscious; we need to make individuals aware of the danger because it’s spreading. One disease spread from one to another, to another, especially in the African-American community. So we definitely want to prevent that and by exposing them and turning them into the Board of Health, it helps everyone.”

Nick Bridges
“Yes, I think its wrong, but it’s also confidential to the family member, so that is why I would not.”

Diondae Brown
“No, I have a nursing background, and I believe in confidentiality. If a person wants to talk about their personal history to the public, that should be their individual right, the government already has enough influence on what is going on, and we have very few rights these days. So I think the individual should be able to have that right whether or not to disclose. It should not be a family member’s right to tell everyone what is going on with that person’s life.”

Benjamin Barnes
“Yes I would I would definitely expose the person because I believe that if you don’t expose the person, that just means more and more diseases going around. If a person is exposed, it doesn’t mean we’re not going to love them anymore. We’ll still accept them, but we would like to know. That way we’d know if they are passing it on to other people. We could tell them and let them know. So I believe it should be known.”