1761?” Jupiter Hammon, born a slave in 1720, published “Salvation by Christ with Penitential Cries,” the first known poetical work by an American Black.

1864?” In one of the decisive battles of the war, two brigades of Black troops helped crush one of the South’s finest armies at the Battle of Nashville. Black troops opened the battle on the first day and successfully engaged the right of the rebel line. On the second day Col. Charles R. Thompson’s Black brigade made brilliant charge up Overton Hill. Thirteenth U.S.C.T. sustained more casualties than any other regiment involved in the battle.

1883?”William A.Hinton developer of the Hinton test for diagnosing syphillis, is born.

1896?” Julia Terry Hammonds invented the apparatus for holding yarn skiens.

1934 ?”Maggie Lena Walker died on this day. Before her death, she was the secretary-treasurer of the Independent Order of St. Luke, a mutual aid society in Richmond, VA. She transformed the society into a successful financial complex that bolsters the Black community in Richmond in 1899.

1934?”Spingarn Medal awarded to William Taylor Burwell Williams, Tuskegee dean and agent of the Jeanes and Slater funds, for his achievements as an educator.