A small number of ardent supporters of Cook County Circuit Court Clerk Dorothy Brown have launched a grass-roots effort to persuade the two-term official to run for mayor of Chicago.

E-mails from a group calling themselves “The Draft Dorothy Brown for Mayor Committee” went out to Brown supporters and media outlets.

Rudy Pamintan, a spokesperson for the committee, said the group was formed by a number of Brown supporters who think she has what it takes to be mayor.

“A lot of people have been volunteering for Dorothy and have been talking to her about running,” said Pamintan, a volunteer during Brown’s first run. “We like what she’s done with the clerk’s office, and we think she can do the same in the mayor’s office.”

Brown has modernized the clerk’s office and streamlined much of its bureaucracy since her election. The group said they have not contacted Brown but plans to do so prior to the 2007 mayoral race. Brown has not said she is candidate in 2007. Pamintan said the group has a small number of Brown supporters on staff.

Brown, 52, was elected clerk of the Cook County Circuit Court in 2000, and was re-elected in 2004, both by huge margins. She’s the first African-American Circuit Court clerk ever elected. Brown has a large base of support in Chicago’s African-American community, something that could greatly aid a mayoral run, said Pamintan.

“An African-American with good, solid name recognition can attract that support, which is going to be significant,” he said. “We think Dorothy is the best person.”

Pamintan said the group would like to approach Brown before 2007 with a broad base of support in hopes of convincing her to take on Mayor Daley.

“We want to have an organization in place,” he said. “We’re going to ask her again, but the next time we’re going to have something started for her.”

?”Terry Dean