The Chicago Housing Authority is hosting informational fairs for CHA residents relocating out of public housing and into the suburbs or out-of-state.

The fairs will have information on services available in the residents’ new areas, including on health, job employment and utility payment assistance.

The fairs will also have sign up for summer camp slots for 3,000 children of former CHA leaseholders. Participants will also receive grocery store coupons, free t-shirts. Live entertainment is scheduled for the fairs. Two fairs have already taken place this month, including last Saturday April 22 at Ogden Park. The next fair is slated for Saturday on the West Side at the Homan Square Community Center, 3359 W. Arthington. The last of the scheduled fairs is May 6, at Olive Harvey College, 10001 S. Woodlawn on the South Side.

Former CHA residents have been relocated since the city began demolishing CHA high-rises and turning them into residential and commercial properties. Ten CHA buildings have been torn down within the last few years. Critics of the city’s move have sited the lack of support for residents relocated. Karen Pride, assistant Press Secretary for the Chicago Housing Authority said the fairs were already planned as part of the Mayor Daley’s public housing reforms.

“We have heard that criticism,” she said. “The fairs are not a direct response but we want to residents to have the services they need, require and want in their relocation.”