Denzell Diggs, age 15 (Benjamin Mays)
“I don’t think it is a good thing to take kids out of their neighborhoods and move them from their schools where they have friends and know everyone. Moving to another school also has problems with gangs and the new kids getting jumped on. Why not improve the schools in our neighborhoods and get the same things suburban schools have, like computers, lab supplies and new books?”

Arrius Mack, age 15 (Morton West High)
“I don’t think it’s fair because personally I don’t have the money to go to a different school. You have to have transportation to get there. If it takes you out of your neighborhood, I don’t think it is right for you to spend all your time traveling.”

Raqua Sawyer, age 15 (Michelle Clark)
“I feel like it is unfair because if you do not have transportation, things should not be complicated just to finish high school. No one ever listens or ask what we students think about things. Decisions are made for us without our input. Then when someone makes a mistake we are all looked at as doing wrong.”

Rashida Sawyer, age 16 (Michelle Clark)
“I just think it’s wrong and unfair because most kids don’t like changes. When they go to a different school they have a hard time fitting in and most kids don’t have the money for transportation cost either.”

Ashlee Mack, age 16 (Morton West High)
“Some people don’t think it’s right. They don’t want to leave their friends, but your friends aren’t going to help you graduate. Therefore, you have to go for a better education and better yourself so you can succeed in life. I want to stay at the school I’m at and do the best I can to become successful.”