Community group gives ‘Eye Opening’ experience for participants

I have been a member of the Eye Openers, NFP for about a year now, and I have enjoyed every minute of it. I don’t get paid in cash, but I get paid in experience, and with a chance to express myself. I believe that the money that I am destined to make will come, but for now, I have the chance to be around like-minded people who also want to send a positive message to the world.

Eye Openers is a non-profit production company exposing youth, like myself, to the world of entertainment. The organization produces film and televisions projects, among other opportunities. We get to act in productions and learn aspects of the production.

“Eye Openers NFP is a not for profit corporation tackling issues relevant to our target audience, through fashion that speaks truth, entertainment that stimulates renewed vision and publications that visually impact our society,” said Traci Weathers, president and CEO of Eye Openers.

Traci is a no-nonsense leader who prides herself on doing her best, and getting the best out of her staff. She believes that everyone should come to rehearsals prepared and focused.

Traci doesn’t tolerate tardiness, absences, acting vulgar, or engaging in lewd behavior or using foul or derogatory language. Traci is a boss that you don’t want to disappoint, not because of her rules but because she believes that you can do anything if you put your mind to it.

As a member myself, I believe that I have found a place that I can call my second home, and feel that what I am doing matters. Other members feel the same.

Maurise Oldham, a cast member of the Eye Openers said, “It gave me a lot of confidence, and got me interested in pursing my acting career further. Before the Eye Openers, my past experiences was being an extra in the film “Derailed,” and auditions that were fun and challenging. The only place that I believe in my heart that gave me a chance to showcase what I can do and follow my dreams is the Eye Openers.”

Alyssa Naida, a 14-year-old member, said she was with Traci when she only had a few members at the time. Alyssa was also the youngest of the group.

“I truly believe Eye Openers, NFP will become something great, and reach out to other youth my age, and hopefully adults too,” she said. “I trust in Traci’s leadership and knowledge to handle things the way she does, and that it will lead to only success and nothing less.”

Eye Openers member Naida Alvarado added: “I love the Eye Openers because it is not only an awesome experience but it also touches the hearts of the youth, and opens their eyes to the danger that lurks out there.”

If there is anyone interested in becoming a member of the Eye Openers, they should contact Traci Weathers. The Eye Openers will welcome any new members into the group, but want those who are serious about wanting to be in this great organization that has a mission to bring a positive message to the public.

For more information about Eye Openers NFP, call 773/331-0167 or email: theeyeopeners

Norman Simmons

Brach’s, mortage fraud columns appreciated

Dear Arlene Jones:

I read your recent columns regarding Brach’s and mortage fraud. I truly appreciate your candor. I resided in the Austin community since 1976. I attended Austin High School. It really saddens me that they chose to close. I moved into the Garfield area in 2000 which is really up and come quickly. My youngest sister worked for Brach’s in the 1980s. I really agree that it should be a location that will bring revenue.

As for the mortgage fraud, it is sad that people will rob someone who is struggling to have something.

I never have wished any harm on anyone even if they inflict harm to me or my loved ones (I pray for them), but you are so right. We reap what we do wrong. My mother always say, God does not like ugly and sometime he don’t like pretty. I will always be a proud resident of the West Side. I wish that I could take all and give them what I’ve got (blessings in so many ways). We need more detox centers and recovery homes like Sisters House.

Keep up the good work.

Jackie Forester