Chicago can’t breathe without music, and Chicagoans can’t live without music. MTV2 is looking for a VJ who will keep Chicagoans updated on what’s hot on the music scene, not only in Chicago but the music industry as well. I had the pleasure of meeting a contestant who possesses not only the beauty, hotness, brains, and personality, but also is very versatile when it comes to knowing what type of music is hot right now.

Paris is her name, and she’s dedicated to becoming Chicago’s MTV2 VJ because she stood for hours in the freezing cold passing out over 500 flyers she had made, putting them on cars.

“I used my cellphone, using up my own minutes, to call radio stations to do interviews,” she said, “and talked to people on the streets. I wanted people to see the real me, and to know who I was, and what I am about.”

For Paris, this is not just a career but also a stepping-stone to developing her craft as an entertainer. This opportunity will also give her the chance to connect with the people of Chicago on a personal and musical level, a chance to bring real talent to Chicago, to have access to the music industry.

She says, “I want to spend more time discovering real talent, and not hype.” As a VJ, she wants Chicagoans to see great music from true performers.

Paris and I stood in the pouring rain as early as 8 a.m. on Nov. 29 to audition, and until 8 p.m. that night for the results. Paris was focused, and auditioned as though she were born to be a VJ.

“What separates me from the other local contestants for Chicago MTV2 VJ,” she says, “is that I bring a strong presence, and I am captivating when I am in front of an audience. In order to survive in the music industry, you have to want this, and I want this because this is my life.”

Paris has great style, and a diverse flavor when in comes to what she likes in the music industry. Some of Paris’ favorite artist are James Brown, and Stevie Wonder because they are authentic, full of melody and demonstrate genius when it comes to production. Some of her other favorites artists are Cold Play, Lincoln Park and Jay Z, who she feels are what true talent is about. And she also has a soft spot for soulful expression with the angelic voices of Sarah McLachlan and Shania Twain.

“If people want to see the real me, if they have access to Comcast Cable, they can go to Search Light, then Entertainment, and look for the MTV2 interviews to see my interviews from Dec. 11 to 20, and they could also go to www. They can also vote for me as much as they want-Paris, number 15. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me at I hope I can count on everyone in the Chicago area for their support.”