Dear Reader,

Some may have noticed the Austin Community Guide 2007-08, a special insert in the Feb. 15 edition of Austin Weekly News. We hope you had a chance to page through it to see what the Austin neighborhood has to offer in the way of community organizations, parks, schools, businesses and more.

This was our first attempt to put together a community guide for Austin since an admittedly poor attempt in 2000. If you are familiar with the 2000 guide -and we hope you’re not-you know what we mean.

We hope this new community guide improves your daily life in some way or another, even if it only helps you to find one phone number or a contact here or there in the next year.

And to all those organizations who do not find themselves in the community guide’s listings, we sincerely apologize. Moreover, we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible, so that we do not make the same mistake next year. We can assure you that no one was deliberately omitted from the listings.

We welcome your comments and suggestions, and look forward to assembling next year’s community guide once again.


Terry Dean
News Editor, Austin Weekly News