In the debate over immigration, what should be “blind justice” is really “eyes-wide-open” justice. Every ethnic group, business and religious group is weighing in on immigration reform to protect their interests. As an American, I want opportunities for Americans before anyone else. As a black person, I want other blacks to get to stay in this country just like every other ethnic group wants theirs to stay.

Congress at some point may work out a plan, but that plan won’t make everyone happy. So since I’ve been critical of illegal immigration and the illegal immigration bill, I might as well offer a solution. And boy-oh-boy do I think I’ve come up with one that will make 99 percent of the people happy!

Let’s have a national $10 scratch-off instant immigration green card lottery ticket! Now before you pooh-pooh the idea, hear me out (Danny, Jesse, Luis and Bobby). In almost every state in this country, illegal immigration has taken place. From those who sneak over the border to those fancy ones who fly in and never go home, our country is filled with people who legally shouldn’t be here.

Now the majority of them just want to live the American Dream. And what bigger American Dream is there than winning the lottery? Mega Millions, PowerBall, state lottery-you name it. Most Americans love the ideal of the “instant win” that will set them up for life.

So why not indoctrinate those who are in this country and want to be a part of it with the same type of opportunity? We’ll have a U.S. Lottery where you scratch off the ticket and you can win an “instant green card.” The green card can be good for up to six family members. Best of all, for those U.S. citizens who want to help out their fellow “undocumented” man or woman, they can buy tickets and pass the winning ticket on to any of their “friends, neighbors and co-workers” who don’t have their papers. And if you are xenophobe or a nativist, why, you can buy the ticket and if it’s a winner, you can tear it up, knowing that you’ve just prevented six people from staying in the country! So everybody stands to benefit.

All proceeds from lottery ticket sales will benefit hospitals, schools and local governments whose resources have been drained by the influx of “illegal immigrants.” Winning tickets could show up on eBay, starting a bidding war and bring much needed money back into the economy. If every illegal alien bought one ticket a month, why with 12 million people being here, we could add $120 million back to our economy monthly. Since the ticket would be very popular, we could potentially have a new instant ticket game per month. At the end of a year, our economy could have an influx of over a billion dollars!

And let’s not limit the ability of the lottery tickets to those here in this country. Since Congress has offered up an immigration bill that is completely the opposite of every immigration law we have previously had, then the tickets could go on sale worldwide! That way people in far-off countries could mail in for a ticket and when it arrives, the entire family could gather around as the head of the household scratches it off, hoping to find the three green card symbols underneath. The lottery could then broadcast a special half-hour program designed to highlight the latest group of winners and their stories. Or a second-chance game show with the families sitting in the audience while the “heads of the household” go for their chance at Green Card Lottery – 2nd Chance!

In a way, I’m being facetious with this idea. On the other hand, if the Immigration Bill, as it is now written, has such little respect for the rule of law and the responsibility of citizenship, then let’s make money off of becoming a citizen in the crassest manner feasible. Illegal immigration has occurred because, for too many companies, profit is the bottom line.

Our government might as well practice the same greed.