System treats black and white kids differently

I don’t think black parents expect white teachers to raise their kids for them [Study examines how black boys are treated in school, May 9]. What they do expect is for them to educate them in the same manner they educate white kids. After all, with the exception of summer breaks and holidays, black children spend more waking time in the care of white teachers than they do their own parents. When they are in the care of those teachers, they should be treated with the same care and respect as the teacher would treat their own child. That’s impossible if they view black boys or black students in general as being more this and more that. In my school district, if a black child rolls his eyes or asks, “What did I do?” he is subject to receiving multiple write-ups such as “disruptive, disrespectful, and questioning authority.”

I have found that white boys don’t act any better than black boys. They don’t dress any differently either. They can ask a question without being written up or sent to suspension. They can make a noise and just be told to be quiet rather than being punished. Recently in our district, a black boy had a rash on his arm, and he scratched it. He was sent to detention for being “disruptive.” It’s absolutely ridiculous. It’s OK to address issues of poor parenting, but it seems that most of the time, the school system wants to just blame parents and are never willing to address issues of racism and the fact that some teachers are not qualified to be teachers.

Brenda Cherry
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Let’s support, not hate one another
I am very dissapointed with your anti-immigrant lashings [Let’s have an Immigration Lottery, Arlene Jones, May 30]. In my neighborhood they call people like you “haterz.” If you want black men to have more resources, then fight for that. Your envious attacks on immigrant families and hardworking men and women are out of hate, not love. I’m almost positive you’re a church-going person. Then why don’t you use the love God teaches, instead of hate? You are a bad example for those who look for justice and a better life. I have done my fair share of supporting African-American issues of injustice, etc. Maybe you could focus your energy on progress for African-American men and women and not being a hater on others. Or maybe the Latino community should turn their hate and envy on African-Americans. Then whites can do whatever they please, and we could fight for the leftover scraps?

Let’s learn from the social movements 40 years ago. Love your brother, not hate on them. Also, if it wasn’t for the undocumented, social security would probably be empty already.

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We could close down half the jails
Where are our black fathers? More young black men, college age, are in jail than in college. Some of those young men are fathers. Over two million persons are in jail in America. Many of them are black fathers. Some are in because they have committed a crime. Others are there because of policemen like Jon Burge who put a gun in the mouth of black men and made them lie-saying they did it when they didn’t do it (also putting an electric instrument on their sex organ).

Ten black men are killed to every one white. Policemen kill over 25 black men to every one white. Life expectancy of black men is 11 years shorter than white men. Three times as many black men are on the street corners unemployed as white. Some black men are so full of dope and alcohol, they can hardly remember that they are fathers.

How do we solve some these serious problems? I believe I have the solution. The United States Department of Labor stated that a billion dollars spent will create an average of 50,000 jobs per year. Only a few countries in the whole world spend more than blacks in America. The thing that is keeping us unemployed-we are not spending it with black-owned business. If we spend more with black-owned business, more blacks will be going to work instead of going to jail. A person from the State’s Attorney’s Office stated that approximately 70 percent of the persons being arrested are unemployed. Now can you see where we can decrease the jail roll by putting more people on the payroll?

I believe if we who are Christians will live a life more like the life of Jesus, there would be more love among us, and that would decrease crime. I also believe that we have the power to create most of our jobs and close half of the jails. The question is, do we have the will to do it?

Webb Evans
United American Progress Association

Tell it like it is on education
I’m glad to see this meeting covered with no detail glossed over [Austin schools, unhappy parents, May 30]. Tell it like it is. These kids deserve a safe, excellent education.

Paula Brien
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Great column on littering
I am so glad to read this column [Austin residents need to clean up their act, Arlene Jones, March 28]! I agree with you 100 percent. I get so mad when I’m driving down Central Avenue and fast food bags and cups come shooting out of the immaculate, expensive Cadillac driving in front of me. I am also disgusted by the cigarette butts that litter the curbs and collect on my lawn. And I’m also in favor of re-invigorating the 200-year-old laws we have against spitting on the sidewalk.

What can be done?

Paula Stewart
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Chatman is innocent
I too am fighting for Carl’s release [Sister fights to free brother from prison, June 21]. I am Carl’s wife. He told me he slept overnight in Pacific Gardens.

I and a community activist went to Pacific Gardens and asked for the names of the people who saw Carl that Carl gave me. I can send you documentation of our meetings. They knew he had slept overnight at Pacific Gardens and had had breakfast there in the morning, but they were scared to talk.

They did, however, admit they knew Carl. I wrote a letter to the ABA about the prosecuting attorney because he had to have known about his client.

At the sentencing trial, I was there. I continued to raised my hand to speak on Carl’s behalf. His attorney forbade me to speak. I contacted the Northwestern Wrongful Conviction Center trying to get someone to help Carl. I am in the process of posting a blog to draw more attention to Carl.

Carl and I kept in constant contact. He is innocent.

Versie Chatman
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