Autumn is here! Yes, we all know this season very well-the children are embarking on another amazing school year. Our children have entered into a place of learning, inspiration, encouragement and empowerment, all by the direction of their teachers, family and friends. This is a time when everyone unites collectively for a greater cause: “The future.” In other words, the common goal is to build up our communities with the power of education.

I recollect the enthusiasm on many of the children’s faces I encountered. These children expressed tremendous amounts of excitement and overwhelming energy, inviting education and all of its many possibilities-meeting new friends, getting acquainted with their teachers, class schedules, and even conquering new challenges.

That’s when it hit me! I also want to experience a new level of education, a new endeavor, and new levels of information. In fact, I want to do more, be more and give more. That’s the inspiration I’ve been experiencing for quite some time now-the constant desire to change my life from where I am to where I desire to be.

Can I do this? How will I do it?

Even though I questioned myself, the desire for constant change was still there in my heart, constantly reminding me that I have a God-given purpose, a divine purpose that’s inspiring me to want more, to be more, and to give more to those I am in contact with and those I will encounter later in my life. This desire demonstrated to me in many different ways and through unique people that I must prepare myself for bigger and better things.

That’s when I decided at the age of 36 and a single mother of two, to return to college for higher education and complete my degree. Yes, there was some hesitation, but I knew I could not put a price on the value of my education. I know I am worth investing in myself and my future.

I registered for degree courses. It wasn’t easy. I took this leap of faith with tears in my eyes; however, I know I must put my trust in God and myself in this new journey ahead.

This new endeavor gives me a sense of excitement, and it also gives me a sense of purpose.

Clearly, I want my children to know about the long-term benefits of education. Furthermore, I want them to be aware of the importance of education in our society today, no matter what age the person may be. I want them to know that education’s to better oneself in adulthood, “A Journey of Life Long Learning.”

By valuing and obtaining education, we can give back to our communities just by being better citizens. This will make things better for those around us. So not only will my family and I eat together and pray together, but now we will also, “study together.”