As family and residents continue to try and get answers regarding the shooting Nov. 13 of Freddie Wilson during a traffic stop near Madison and Lorel, the 15th District police commander, Al Wysinger, says he is sensitive to the concerns of family, clergy and residents-within reason.

“I understand the community has concerns, and they have a right to march. However, the police department has rules and regulations that must be followed. Now with the new OPS (Office of Professional Standards), they are doing all of the investigation, and we will be made aware of their findings at the same time,” Wysinger said, adding that he has met with ministers Rev. Marshall Hatch and Rev. Ira Acree, as well as the family.

“We are interested in getting to the bottom of this and bringing closure,” said Wysinger, who grew up on the West Side. Since becoming head of the district he has reached out to the community and asked the community to work with the district in combating crime.

There have been many police-related shootings and numerous community meetings regarding police conduct. Now it’s up to the new OPS to investigate and answer questions that have been raised by family and clergy.

Delores McCain