Kanu Egungbemi

I want my family to have good health, my mom to have happiness and I want a Wii with Wii sports and Wii play. I also want for the new year to be healthy and to get good grades. I will be seven on January 1st.


Kysha Egungbemi

My personal resolution is to continue to improve every day and, for the city of Chicago, I want them to get that Olympic bid. I would like also for the city to tighten up on the transportation because it’s only affecting poor folks. The rich are getting richer on the backs of the poor people, so I hope they will straighten this out.


Datron Mitchell

For the city of Chicago the resolution would be to enhance the quality of living for minorities and working class Chicago. And to increase wages for people who do the same amount of work in other cities, that are probably getting underpaid here. Also for the City of Chicago to increase the penalties for the police department and other jurisdictions that get caught in underhanded schemes and brutality towards the citizens. They should undergo the same judgments that the citizens undergo, especially the minorities.

My own personal resolution is to enhance the quality of living for my family. If I do that, I can enhance the quality of living for the community. So it starts at home with the family-to be a better example for the black man on the streets. Because we don’t have a leader, we need somebody to show integrity. So to work on my character, to be a man of integrity and enhance the quality of living for my family and take it from there.


Rachel Innis

My resolution for the city is that they seriously consider a permanent long-term solution for the CTA issue. It affects a great many people. The mayor is kind of leaving it to the governor to bail them out and make the decision. Partly it affects the state, but it really affects the city and their workers. And for some people that is their only means of transportation, so for them to let it go on this far, to me, is totally irresponsible. I want to see all parties in the city treated fairly as they should be. And for myself, my husband recently open up a restaurant at 10 W. Chicago Ave. right at the corner of Austin and Chicago avenues. It’s called the Jamaican Grill, and I want everybody to go in and patronize it.


Angela Priestly

My resolution for the city is I would like to see more fairness. I would like to see the same opportunities that are available in the south Loop area to be throughout the city. I would like to see a fairer sharing of the wealth, I would like to see everybody having their piece of the pie and something done about the CTA. I don’t have to ride it because I drive and that is why I drive. I’m not a negative person, but I’ve had a lot of negative experiences. The customer service isn’t that great. This is why I drive and bear the expense because of how I am treated when I used to take CTA-not only from some of the people who worked there, but then the customers who ride it. They need to educate people on etiquette on how to be considerate of other people riding CTA. It’s a combination of things. My own personal resolution is that I do what I can to make the world a better place. I know that sounds very general and very broad but that is something I do. I turned 50 this year, so I’m at a point in my life now that everything I do, I do to make the world a better place and all the mistakes I make I learned from them, and I become a better version of myself, and hopefully I would encourage that in other people.


Curtis Hooker

I wish for the city to have a better community and better transportation. Myself, I want to continue to do my work here at Afri-Ware, which is preparing things if they are broken. I mix and pour oils, I help customers, and I want people to continue to patronize the store in 2008 because it is a great place and I like working for Nzingha.