Yvonne Burston

“I would pray and repent, and make sure I have everything right with the Lord. Then, I would call everyone that I haven’t talked to and make sure that they know I love them; that everything is right with me and, hopefully, with them. I would do some fun things, things that I haven’t had an opportunity to do that I could do in one day.”


Archie Burston

“I would pray and be looking toward the heavens for our Lord and Savoir Jesus Christ. I would definitely be contacting my relatives to let them know that I love them and hope that I see them on that day.”


Rev. John H. Crawford

“I would pray and hope to have my family around me, and encourage them that if it is my last day, that it don’t be their last day. That they continue on with the love in the home, the community and at church.”


Quincey Cecil

“If this was my last day on earth I would invite as many people as I could to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. I also would let my friends and family know how much I truly love them and appreciate them, which I do on a daily basis anyway. But, I would really let them know how much they are loved. The greatest gift I could probably leave to anyone here on earth is to let them know how much I love them; also that Jesus loves them as well.”


Terry MacCarthy

“I would spend every minute playing with my two children. Whatever they wanted to eat, whatever they wanted to play with, whatever toys, we would spend the whole time playing with them. My son, Jude, is 7 years old, and my daughter, Catherine, is 6 weeks old. I hope my last day doesn’t come soon because Catherine is so young.”


Talanda Johnson

“If this was my last day on earth I would first pray and thank God for the life he has given me here on this earth. I would ask him for his forgiveness and to receive me into heaven. Then, I would surround myself with my loved ones and let them know that I love them and I’ve appreciated my time with them.”