Faith will see you through

My prayers are with this very strong and incredible young woman Siedah Sivels [Battling cancer while keeping hope alive, Dec. 27, 2007]. Continued faith and trust in God will help to see her throught this time. Thank you for sharing your very inspiring story. Good luck on becoming a Navy lawyer. Catherine Bell would be very proud of your determination and strength.

Kristen Maloney
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A woman’s hard work bears fruit

Good work Sister Catherine [Website targets heath care in black community, Jan. 3]! It seems that now your hard work is beginning to bear fruit. Our company needs to hear a clear and concise voice such as yours that we may build and redevelop our homes and communities.

Naphtali Ben Yisraek
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Thanks for sharing your story

Mrs. McQueen, thanks for sharing your experiences and your insight with us [Website targets heath care in black community, Jan. 3]. Keep up the good work.

Melvin Knazze
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Keep supporting Afriware store

I’m glad to know that Afriware will not be closing anytime soon [Afri-Ware makes plea to its customers, Dec. 20, 2007]. However, we must continue to support Afriware, and remember: the best gift you could give anyone is a book!

Rev. Jim Allen
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Red light ticket victim?

It seems like they’re keeping track of my license plate because ever since I bought a new car, I’ve been getting a red light ticket consistently for about three month at the same place [Red light violation? Fight it!, Arlene Jones, June 7, 2007]. I stopped going that way. Just like you, Mrs. Jones, I did nothing wrong.

Marcus Nowling
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