If black people want to see hope or a better future for our people, it’s time to get behind Barack Obama for president of the United States. If this is not a time for “unity in the community” or “it takes a village” with black people uniting to vote as one for hope, when is the time? Next to God, Barack Obama is the best opportunity for racial progress.

According to a recent study by The Pew Research Center regarding racial progress, an article printed in the Chicago Sun-Times on Nov. 14 said, “Growing numbers of blacks say they’re worse off than five years ago and don’t expect their lives to improve. Black pessimism about U.S. racial progress is the worst it’s been in more than two decades.”

I agree with the part about our lives not improving, because all we have to do is look in our respective communities and see what is going on with our people. We need help! When you see negative behavior in our communities, we need some help! If you look at the vacant property in your neighborhood, which is now a hotspot for drug business, we need some help! When you look at homelessness, joblessness and people going hungry in our communities, we need some help! If we look at the brothers in prison, and the men (and women) that get out and cannot matriculate back into society with a decent way to live, we need some help! If you look at drugs, gangs, and guns in our ‘hood, we need some help! When you see men rise up against each other, we need some help! It’s shameful to see the huge number of young people under 25 who leave this earth because of foolishness. We definitely need some help!

What I disagree with is the question of black pessimism. We are not that. We need to remember who we belong to-the highest God. We need to remember we were created in God’s image and likeness, and there is nothing too hard for God. We must think like God thinks with an awesome mindset that says we are conquerors, we are warriors, we are kings and queens from Africa, we have power, we have no limitations. Or as my son Matthew would say, “Speak it into existence.” It’s like we have nothing because we ask for nothing. I know my God is able.

Our problem is that we put others before ourselves. It’s been ingrained in our historical thinking to depend on someone else. We still believe that we have no power or cannot make a difference. That is not help. We have moved away from believing who we are, what we can do, and who to depend on. I’m not mad at you if you forgot for a moment; we sometimes do. But let’s not forget we are God’s people-with Him there are no limitations. He is about abundance for his righteous people. This is the best time to come together, greater than the March on Washington, any other black presidency runs, the Million Man marches, and the Jena 6 experience. We have been given an opportunity. We must not fail.

I am concerned about the issues, but mostly concerned about the character of who will be the next president. Many blacks are reluctant or unwilling to change. Many still have the slave mentality. Some feel that it’s the whites who will make the best difference for us. They think Bill Clinton was the best president, even calling him the “first black president.” We need to cut that nonsense out and not be confused.

Many blacks think Hillary is going to be like Bill, and Bill is going to run it. Hillary is not Bill, and Bill is not black. Some blacks are just “stuck on stupid” (and you all know how we use that term).

Obama is the best choice for president, a qualified black man with enough credentials to get in office and make a difference. Foremost, he has God on his side and recognizes that favor (for you believers). Obama stands before us with an opportunity to offer racial progress and a better existence in this country for all Americans.

To me, it’s simple: Vote for Barack Obama for President of the United States.

P.S. If you don’t, please pray for others who will.

Marie Williams is a freelance journalist in Chicago