Our thoughts are with Yasmine

Our thoughts and prayers are with Yasmine Acree’s mom, family members, her school community, and the neighborhood [Community aids missing teen search, Feb. 14]. We got the awful news as we were heading to a special unrelated service at Bond Chapel at the University of Chicago. There, we asked the congregates to lift up the situation in prayer. In near immediate response that day, and in the days following, the university community put out the word, asking for prayers. How good it is -a grace really- when one end of the city responds in concern and care to something terrible happening at the other end of the city. In effect, that concern is transformed into a mighty powerful prayer of connection in this most regrettable situation. Our continuing prayer, like that of many others, is in the hope that Yasmine will come home safe and unharmed. Is that too much to pray for? We don’t think so. Dear God, if it be your will, please bring Yasmine back home safe.

Jim Boushay and Rickey Sain
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Goverment failing African-Americans

Ms. Jones what a WONDERFUL article [ You can’t play the race card with someone who’s bi-racial, Arlene Jones, Jan. 31]. I am a corrections officer for the state of Missouri. I love to share my knowledge of the civil rights movement, and on the practice of the federal government systematically declaring war on the African-American family, particular the African-American male. The government is flooding communities with drugs to finance illegal undertakings. The African-American males I come in contact with have no sense of self. I believe that outcome is by design, by evil that still infects our culture today. I have a dream that those responsible will be held accountable. This destruction continues with the modern day evils of drugs and alcohol. My dream is the elimination of black and white – that is, white as good and black as bad. And for Caucasians and Africans to move us forward to healing, growth, and love and peace! Thank you for a wonderful article.

Deb Marsch
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Black history starts in Africa

Good Article for those who didn’t know [Black History Month: A black man chose February, Feb. 14]. We also must understand that black history does not start with our ancestors as slaves in America. Black history starts with our ancient African ancestors who built the pyramids, and who enlightened the philosophers Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. Slavery was the results of African nations conquering and selling one another to European countries. Although we (African Americans) may never be able to find our native clan or tongue, we are the greatest among all our brothers and sisters in the African diaspora. For we are mixed with the blood of different African clans, as well as European ancestry. Hundreds of years of slavery in America, and we have been able to survive the worse treatment that any ethnic group could render on the human mind and spirit. Our people were lynched, raped, murdered and bombarded. Yet, we have found it in our souls -“The Souls of Black Folks” – to love and work side by side with the descendants of slave owners.

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