Bob Riddle

“What gun control? It’s harder to get a license for your car than it is to buy a gun. I don’t with think the second amendment that the founding fathers ever intended that everyone would be able to have hand guns [and] machine guns. There wasn’t any thing like that years ago. We need to make it much, much harder for people, especially when it comes to weapons that are really deadly. Shotguns are one thing if you’re a hunter, but they should make it much harder to allow anyone to get a hand gun.”


Anita McChriston

“I would like to have total gun control, but we’re not going to have that because as long as there is one person who knows how to manufacture or make a gun, we are going to have this problem. I think it’s very hard to put control over something that has already been let out the box. I think we don’t support the laws we have on the books as it is now. To create more – we don’t have the manpower to really enforce them. There should be some way – but I don’t know how – that we should take them all off street. Only certain people, like police, should have them.”


Ellen Wehrle

“I can see no reason why we wouldn’t have gun control. I realize that there are a lot of guns out there now, but it’s about time we start making it difficult for people to get guns. It’s just time to do that. There is too much violence. I’d love to see a lot more control over who can buy guns, and over the process you have to go through in order to get the gun.”


Rich Pokorny

“I have a lot of respect for hunters and people who use guns for recreational purposes, as far as target shooting and those things. But I see no reason for hand guns or assault weapons, particularly in urban areas. The other problem I see is getting guns into the hands of ex-felons and people with emotional difficulties. I think there needs to be some severe restrictions there.”


Laurel Lambert Schmidt

“I think gun control is absolutely necessary, especially in the wake of the tragedies that happen at Northern Illinois University. We know folks who go there and it’s such a tragedy. It was absolutely senseless that someone with such mental problems was able to get his hands on those kinds of weapons and use them. Also, I know that it’s very hard to keep guns from criminals in the streets, but there is just too much violence in our neighborhoods – too many of our young people getting hurt. Little kids sit on the porch get hit by bullets – it’s ridiculous. So I think everybody supports the idea of a hunter using a gun, but he doesn’t need a high-powered, repeating rifle. Let’s make sense and have some real meaningful gun control.”



Minda Balongag

“I think about gun control. I think [guns] should only be for police officers and people who are in the military. Anyone else – I don’t think they need a gun.”